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  • Welsh team visits

    Welsh visitOne of the netball teams of Llandovery College came to visit Goedgedacht as part of our International Tour Groups programme. They were with us for one day, arriving on 7 August and leaving the next day.

  • New Vehicle

    New vehicleThursday 28 September 2017 was a day of big excitement on the Goedgedacht farm. It is the day the much anticipated and much needed new Quantum arrived!

    With thanks to our generous donors, the transport team, under leadership of Jeanne Thomas, was able to purchase a new Quantum by trading in one of our old vehicles and adding donations received from our vehicle appeal.

  • Donation of computers

    Computers donatedThe computer rooms at the Goedgedacht Youth Centres were planned with this vision in mind: Rooms filled with computers with groups of children hard at work doing their homework, other groups researching opportunities for University bursaries or looking at pictures of their dream car while another group of shrieking kids are playing a computer game which teaches them problem solving.

  • Easter at Goedgedacht

    Easter 2017Easter has come to an end and I am filled with such gratitude to the Children from Springfield School in Cape Town who donated boxes of Easter Eggs to our POP children from the surrounding areas. Thank you so much for giving each child a taste of Easter.